Our Solar Experts

Head of Sales, Private and Business Customers
Dominic Lauer

“Every houseowner deserves the perfect photovoltaic system. For this reason, we get onto customers’ roofs ourselves and take a good look at the individual application.”

Deputy Head of Sales
Daniel Schulte

“You have a PV system for at least 20 years. Therefore we are not only there for you today, but also in the future.”

Customer manager
Raphael Ziegler

“With a photovoltaic system you protect the climate - and your wallet.”

Sales Assistant
Christin Klag

“Our customers are are energy heroes!”

Customer manager
Jürgen Betowski

“Best part of my job? Satisfied customers!”

Customer Manager
Reiner Lützkendorf

“An investment in photovoltaics pays off: For you, for your wallet and of course for the environment!”

Sales Operations Assistant
Lara Bertling

“We love satisfied customers! That is why I am happy to take the time to answer your questions.”

Customer manager
Udo Molino

“ The earnings prospects of our customers are above all one thing: sunny!”

Customer manager
Dietmar Ludwig

“Good quality pays off. Our customers appreciate this.”

Customer manager
Norbert Eich

“A solar system on your own roof is not only a safe, but also a profitable investment.”

Customer manager
Hagen Possmann

“Our customers expect quality according to energy supplier standards. And that's what you get when you chose PFALZSOLAR.”

Customer manager
Beate Rauch

“All our customers have one thing in common: they are pushing forward the energy transition. We provide them with the best possible support.”

Customer manager
Michael Knaak

“The sun is the source of energy for all of us. I will lead you to the optimal possibilities of use.”

Customer manager
Dimitri Loch

“The sun doesn't send a bill ;)”

Project manager construction
Ruben Nick

“For the installation of your PV system, we always work with experienced and well-trained teams.”

Project manager construction
Stefan Brennessel

“We plan and install your PV system in such a way that you benefit from it in the best possible way for 20 years and longer.”

Project Manager Construction
Peter Wagner

“When it comes to your roof, we make no compromises: you can rely on highest quality, safety and speedy implementation!”